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WAVE 2024
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Perth, WA

About ProVision

The home of eyecare entrepreneurs. 
ProVision helps to power 450 independent optometrists turned entrepreneurs, making passion for clinical care a business. From starting-up to selling-up, we are here to make sure you do more than just survive, we’re here to help you thrive. This isn’t a buying group, this is success as a service.
Fast track your success with the backing of 30 business experts
We help you make a passion for clinical care a growth business through:
-Business Operations and Coaching
-Innovative Systems
-Generating Demand
-Networking Intelligence
-Industry Leading Buying Power
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ProVision Team

Meet ProVision & Contact Information

For 2023 we have our VIC / TAS representing ProVision at this year’s WAVE but if you have any queries, please send through to Margarida or if you are attending WAVE in person, say hello to Tina who will be on the ProVision WAVE stand all weekend. 

| Margarida Faustino  - Business Coach WA  Essential Member Relationship Executive
| A PO Box 1226 Clayton, VIC 3169 | Kulin Nation
| M 0437 080 000
| W
| E

| Tina Adel  - Business Coach VIC / TAS  
| M 0456 659 995
| E

Visit the ProVision stand at the Esplanade Hotel or Connect Online with the ProVision team.   
Submit your enquiry via Connect With Exhibitor or book an online video chat, or simply use the messenger function on this page.

Exhibitor Delegate Competitions... Passport & Codeword.

Are You Taking Part?  You Have To Be In It To Win It!   

Password Comp: We Are Offering $100 Gift Voucher for 2023

Codeword Comp: We Are Offering $100 Coles E-Card for 2023

  • If you are a delegate at the Esplanade Hotel, then please visit us on our stand for a chat & to receive the sticker
  • If you are a delegate connecting with us virtually, then hello!   
  • We would love to chat to you about our products...
  • Please send us a message via the chat box on this page, or go to the top and hit Connect With Exhibitor
If you are looking for the all important Codeword for PROVISION then see the link below.

Click here to locate our Codeword  (Access for Virtual Registrations Only)    Good Luck!

*By entering the WAVE Exhibitor Delegate Passport Competition your name & email address will be passed to us after the event. 

Exhibitor Partnerships

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