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WAVE 2023
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Keep Track Of Your MCQS for WAVE on Demand

As a WAVE Delegate you have been assigned access to our WAVE MCQS Access Hub that stores all the WAVE MCQS in one place.


HELP 2023.
MCQ Access  assigned to registered WAVE Delegates

***  The later you register (Friday 17th onwards), the higher the chance you will not be assigned to the Hub - Please use the Single Access No Password options instead.***

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WAVE Delegates: The Password To Enter Is 12345

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Uploaded Image

Clicking on ACCESS ALL will always take you to MCQ Access Hub

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The MCQ Access Hub just needs you to enter your email and name once and then you will have access to all 9 sets of MCQS @WAVE.  Plus you can use the Online Reflections Notepad.

Keep the MCQ Access Hub open or close down and open each time you want to access the MCQS, it is up to you.

REMEMBER your access is assigned based on the email address you registered for WAVE with, so please enter your name and email address correctly when joining the MCQ Access Hub first time around.   Password is 12345  - Thank you!

Can't Get into the MCQ Access Hub or Prefer Access One by One?

You can't or don't want to, gain access to the MCQ Access Hub

  • If you are using a different email to the one you registered for WAVE with, then you won't be able to locate the MCQS in the MCQS Access Hub.

  • If you registered for WAVE late (17th March  onwards) then please use Single Access.

Click on the Single Access No Password image ON THE RELEVANT PRESENTATION

  • Click on the image for any set of MCQS you wish to access

  • Enter the MCQ via this image & enter your name, email and member number. 
You can repeat this for all the MCQ access if you wish, or...
Email to get your email granted access to the MCQ Hub.
*Only available if time for OWA Office during the WAVE weekend.
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MCQ Sets Total Confirmation

We have 14 presentations with MCQS advertised              They are combined into a total of 9 sets being available all up, including Supplier CPD MCQS 2023.

  • Presenters who are advertised as having 2 sets of MCQS within the same session, have all the MCQS in the one online MCQ Quiz. 

  • Want to PRINT MCQS in advance of the conference?   Click on Resources Side Menu - DOWNLOAD Coming Soon


Links take you to the Session - Scroll to the bottom to view available resources to download.    You must be logged in to view.    See example of Dr Bloxsom's MCQS  >>>

Supplier CPD

Don't forget for your attendance CPD is for watching the ENTIRE SESSION not just one talk.

Any queries, email
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Get Ready For WAVE & The MCQS

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Your WAVE Certificate of Assessment

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Your Certificate is available to print or download from the webpage directly after you complete & pass the MCQS.

Each time you press submit for your MCQ attempt, you will be sent an email with a copy of your Assessment Certificate if you passed.   

You do not need this certificate as proof of your score, we have that information to add to your CPD Attendance.

NOTE:  You may find that after receiving a few emails, they stop appearing in your inbox.  They will be in your JUNK or Spam Inbox due to fact a sudden increase in emails from the same email address will make your email think its spam.   
If you do not have your certificate or email, don't worry, we have your result. 

CPD Score Upload & Your Certificate of Attendance

CPD Score
You can earn up to 18 hours of CPD at WAVE if you watch ALL the live sessions, and watch the 4 Supplier CPD presentations between 17th & 20th March 2023.

We aim to upload your CPD Score a few days after the MCQS Access closes, which is 11.59pm AWST Monday 20th March 2023.   

OA Members
Once your CPD is uploaded for OA Members, we will email you to confirm that your CPD is now visible in your CPD Learning Plan within 7-10 days.

Non Member
Thank you for joining us for WAVE 2023.   We will need a few days longer to email you your CPD Score & Certificate so please expect to hear from us the following week. 
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