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WAVE 2024
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The CPD Learning Plan Competition Sponsored By Good Optical

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Good Optical are our sponsors for the new CPD Learning Plan Competition.   Cash prizes available to the winners!

What is the CPD Learning Plan Competition?

We heard you say you forgot to write your reflections at WAVE 2022 & 2023!!

We are here to help you for WAVE 2024 - OWA Members attending WAVE in Person can opt in to the new Reflections Write Up Service & have their reflections entered into their CPD Learning Plan for them - call it our CPD Concierge Service!

As you know, your OA Learning Plan needs to include CPD reflections, hence this cash incentive to get your started.

There are TEN $100 Gift Cards available to OA Members @ WAVE 2024 with thanks again to Gold sponsor, Good Optical.   

Thank You Good Optical Services, Our Competition Sponsors.

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