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WAVE 2024
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Couple Of Questions From Heidi - The images below are Links to the SLIDO

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Score Therapeutic Interactive CPD @ WAVE Each Day

Looking for your year's worth of Therapeutic Interactive CPD in one place? 

Actually we are offering more than you need! 5.5 Hours CPD Therapeutic Interactive & 6.75 Hours CPD Interactive.    Look no further;

  • Michael Yapp - Day 1 - Session 2
  • Nicola Peaper - Day 1 - Session 6
  • SooJin Nam - Day 2 - Session 2

  • Combine watching these sessions IN FULL
  • Complete & pass the optional MCQS per session to score FULL CPD
  • It's that easy.

  • Scan the QR Code when its available at WAVE 2024 from each presenter on the relevant day
  • Submit your answers in real time, live, as the presenter comes to them in their slides.  
  • You can change your answer and resubmit as you wish
  • Your answers do not need to be correct
  • It is the participation in the Polls that counts for Interactive CPD.

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