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WAVE 2024
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WAVE Optometry Program PDF displayed in AWST

WAVE 2024 Program  AWST

This program PDF is for you if you are; 

  • based in Perth
  • flying into Perth or 
  • watching anywhere in Western Australia

Did you know?

When you click on the Program icon on this website, the times on the program are automatically adjusted to display your local time.

So need to calculate, you will be looking at your local time, wherever in the country or world you are based.

What time will WAVE Live start?

Virtual Delegates

If you are watching virtually, the platform will be live from 8am AWST - check you are familiar with the start time and Welcome on both days.  There will be information slides playing during this time and the on screen chat will be live.

In Person Delegates

If you are attending as an In Person delegate, registration opens 45 minutes before the Welcome at 08.20am Saturday & 08.25 Sunday AWST.

PDF to Download Available for AWST Only

Looking for AEDT?   COMING SOON
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