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WAVE 2024
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Good Optical Services & The CPD Reflections Competition - Back for 2024!

Back for 2024, the CPD Reflections Competition, kindly sponsored by Good Optical Services.

With thanks to Rick and Marissa Good of Good Optical Services for supporting for the second year in a row, our CPD Cash Competition.

What Is This?
Designed to help incentivize Optometry Australia WAVE delegates get their WAVE Reflections completed & into their CPD Learning Plan during or closely after the WAVE weekend.

Why Is This A Competition?
We know that for our delegates, writing & updating their reflections can be the last thing on their minds during or after a conference BUT it is SO MUCH EASIER to do this whilst the mind is fresh.    So we devised a little incentive to help our OA WAVE delegates do just this and possibly be in the running to win one of our 10 $100 Cash Prizes.

How Do I Enter? ENTRY FORM HERE 2024

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